We Are The Captains of Our Ships


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Life is a huge ocean of choices where the possibilities are endless. On this vast ocean, your ship keeps on rocking in the wind-driven waves and waits for its direction. These possibilities and choices are not always transparent. They are not always clear to us.

They involve sailing through windy and stormy areas. You need to make some quick decisions in these stormy areas to guide our ship to a safe place and make sure that it doesn’t sink in the stormy waves and deep water.

The question is: Who makes these decisions in life? Is it your spouse? Your parents? Your siblings? Or your friends or your teachers?

Your parents were always there for you when you were a child but don’t forget that they cannot keep holding you forever. Likewise, your teachers can also don’t support you forever.

They are busy helping the next generation. Similarly, in life, no matter how many friends you own, but they all have got their problems.

The only person who can help you in making a decision and save your ship is “YOU”. Let me emphasize this word once again: “YOU”!

Keep in mind that no one else knows you better than you know yourself. You are the one who is in control. You are the one who can trust your intuition and act upon it. You are the only one who can feel it when your gut instinct kicks in. It’s you and you alone who can speak directly to your heart. Thus, you are the captain of your ship, and its only you who can sail it and save it. You alone have the power to decide the best oceans and seas to set sail on.

You don’t need to panic and you don’t need to worry. It is just like an adventure. It is a moment of discovery and exploration that will help you find your inner self.
Once you become the captain of your ship, there are limitless treasures that are waiting to be discovered.

Once you become the captain of your ship, you can change its direction regardless of the wind direction. The same principle applies to your life. You can change your life according to your own will when the situations fall against your will.

In life, not every choice is created equal. You need to make necessary decisions according to these choices as they can have a direct impact on your life. Do you know what keeps all the extraordinary people from being magnificent are their beliefs? They believe in trusting their instincts. They believe in sailing their ships! You become more in control of your happiness and well-being.

Don’t forget that when you give the power of your life decisions to someone else, the ships of your life end up on the wrong path. Thus, don’t forget that only you are the captain of your ship and you should never let anyone else take charge of the wheel.

You are the captain of your destiny and the master of your fate. You are not only the captain of your ship but also the captain of your soul.

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