MD, Comaea Consulting, Singapore

Dr K K Sharma

Dr Binay Singh brings a unique combination of an accomplished academic in navigation and successful entrepreneur in maritime HR. With his two decades of maritime manning experience from internationally well known manning centres, I expect his book is going to be a must read for anyone interested in marine HR. Dr Singh is incisive in his observations, thoughtful in his approach, and comprehensive in his orientation and therefore I do expect his book to inspire martime professionals — ashore and onboard — alike. Well done Dr Singh and looking forward to reading your book on art of maritime manning.


AET Group

Singh Marine Management Ltd has been partnering with AET for 16 years as a valuable sea staff resource. The success of the partnership between Singh Marine Management Ltd and AET lies in the strength of relations between both in strategic mutual cooperation built over the years. 

AET congratulates our longstanding partner, Dr Binay Singh, on his successful completion of this important book and wishes the management and staff of Singh Marine Management Ltd all the best in years to come.

MD, Synergy Navis Marine pvt Ltd, Pune, India

Capt M Sairaj

Dr Singh’s story is an example of passion, courage and a determination to succeed. His passion and commitment towards Crew Management is evident in the success he has achieved.

SMM is a preferred crew partner of many reputable shipping lines. I am certain that his book will be of tremendous value to the shipping industry at large and to everyone interested in pursuing a career in crew management. 

CEO, Darya Shipping Pvt. Ltd.

Capt Rajesh Deshwal

Dr Singh’s enthusiasm towards the welfare of seafarers has been consistently growing for the past 20 years. Ensuring safe and secure jobs to several seafarers and addressing their concern has been his focal point.

He is always seen as one who never misses an opportunity to emphasize the importance of crew welfare during his meetings with shipowners and managers. His passion and determination to improve the quality of life at sea is nothing less than contagious. 


Capt Clifton Rodricks

“Passion and Commitment” in equal measures, has been Dr Binay Singh’s continuum approach to bring the Ukrainian seafarers to be front and center of the maritime fraternity. 

Breaking the glass ceiling has never been easy in a foreign land and that he has managed to succeed is testimony to his resolve and resilience. Giving a maritime identity to Ukraine and a voice to its seafarers, he is constantly pushing the envelope for safety and operational excellence. Embedding the cultural values from the land of his birth with modern competitiveness in his seafarers he has been the bridge offering the best of both worlds to the maritime industry.

CEO, RSM Management Pvt. Ltd.

Capt Sandeep Sharma

To my ‘Manning Challenges’, Dr Singh has been “Mr. FIX IT” for over a Decade now. 

In our long professional work relationship, Dr Singh has always been a team member who Consistently produced Strong Results, All-round, Every time – for All SMM customers. 

Over the Years, I have ‘Learned’ from him in ‘Abundance’ as a Manning Professional and continue to do so, till date. 

Hence rightfully, I have recommended (and Continue to do so) Dr Singh and his strong SMM Team as ‘Key Seafarer Resource’ partners from Ukraine, for Quality Shipowners & Ship Managers.

Director - Manning, Dockendale

Subrat Mukherjee

It sounded quite a disconnect at first, to deal with someone called Dr Singh, obviously an Indian by birth or surname, at least, when I was scouting for a reliable partner from Ukraine to man our ships in Univan sometimes in 2003. It was a period of meltdown with Indian officers’ availability plunging to all time low and owners refusing to scale up wages. I had a talk and thereafter a meeting which helped me dispel my doubts.

But to my utter surprise, this DOCTOR was more Ukrainian than Ukrainian themselves. I had the opportunity to visit his office in Odessa. His passion for fitness, love for songs (read Ukrainian songs) with a piano accordion et al in hand and penchant for fine dining was unveiled on my visit. 

The Ukrainians believe him and are ready to help the owners/managers to go to any length in adjusting their stay on board. Be it joining in emergency or sign off being delayed the senior officers would require only one phone call to accept the situation. I continued our partnership thereafter in OESM now TWSM, Anglo Liner pool and Dockendale thereafter.


Vineet Gupta

Dr Singh today is a household name for Ukrainian manning solutions. He has reached where he is today only because of his passion, hard work and dedication. I have known Dr Singh since 2005 when shipping was booming and we were running short of Indian senior officers. We were experimenting with various east European nationalities. But when we looked for Ukrainian officers, Dr Singh came across as one of the most resourceful partner. He was always readily available to assist and never let us down even in crisis situations. Later I realized he was already helping many Indian Manning Companies. 

For us he was the ‘one stop solutions’ for all manning assistance needed in Ukraine, and we have been personally and professionally associated with him ever since. Our relationship developed professionally and personally over these many years, but never knew about his ‘Writing Talent’. I am sure he is as good in penning down his “Manning” experience as he has been in handling it. My Best wishes to his book. 

Director, Marine HR (Conventional Fleet), Teekay Tankers

Capt Rajmohan Venkiteswaran

Human element is a key factor in any industry, especially when it is in shipping which includes many nationalities, deep oceans and with a strict regulatory control the challenge is beyond explanation. With all that in mind, Dr Singh had created his own values and strengths with a group of committed seafarers from Ukraine.

Dr Singh responded to this challenge with authenticity and self-awareness, and he will go a long way toward achieving the goals needed by his clients. This ability of him is due to his conceptual and creative ideas which he is always willing to try and succeed in his career. 

Even after so many years of acquaintance with him, I could see the same curious-analytical person whom I met years before. 

I wish him all the best in all his endeavors and will support him for that.

Ex-Director Business Development, Martide

Thomas Joyce

Dr Binay Singh is a skilled professional with decades of experience in the powerhouse that is the Ukrainian maritime crewing sector. His experience and background has given him a holistic view towards business dealing with ship­managers and seafarers, which includes empathy and integrity.

Managing Partner, P Constantinou & Co Ltd.

Panayiotis Constantinou

Dr Singh is always seeking out new challenges. This is exemplified by the publication of his book, which has been a lifelong dream of his. 


Capt A Dasgupta

I have known Dr Singh for many years now. Whenever I have had the opportunity of working with him, I have never been disappointed. It comes as no surprise that he has authored a book on Manning. Dr Singh has the credentials to do so.


Capt Gaurav Gupta

Ukrainian seafarers whose hard work and competence have raised their standards and now giving tough competition to major manpower providing countries like Philippines & India. Keep up the good work, Dr Singh!


Capt Logovenko V.

With a feeling of deep respect, I can say that Dr Singh is a purposeful, responsible, and competent leader who can make the right decision in right time in any unusual situations. 


C/E Yermakov Alexander

Dr Binay Singh is extremely hardworking, professional, sensitive and courteous towards every seaman.


Capt Igor Kandabarov

Dr Singh, always known for his work in ‘bringing up’ the seafarer society in Ukraine, he has devoted his life to seafarers’ wellbeing. 

For me, he is my mentor, my best friend, a true listener to seamen’s problem and a miracle worker for us all seamen. He has been working relentlessly to raise the bar higher with only one goal, to serve and protect the men and women working far away from home, from their loved ones, lonely, isolated and sometimes, being exploited. The seafarer community in Ukraine is in better shape because of him, let us take a look of how this great man is further going to build in future. Let’s catch a glimpse of his tremendous effort for the seafarers of Ukraine. Cheers!


Capt Lavrov Mykhaylo

Dr Binay has not only brought many international ship managers to Ukraine but has also proved that Ukrainian seafarers work well in international manning. Dr Singh has passionately supported in the growth and promotion of many Captains and Chief Engineers. These officers have become ambassadors of Ukrainian manning and represent Ukrainian seafarers as some of the most professional officers in the maritime industry. I would like to wish that other independent crewing companies take an example, and show similar passion and 24/7 dedication and availability.

Business Development Director, MSI Ship Management Pte Ltd.

Arun Ahluwalia

What striked me the most from the day I met Dr Singh is his unrelenting support and promotion of Ukrainian seafarers for employment on foreign flag vessels. 

A person of high integrity and full commitment to customers Dr Singh is available 24/7 all throughout the year. In 20 years he has grown his company from nothing to a high-quality manning company with who’s-who of global ship management as his clients. Our relationship goes back to 2005 and during 2005 to 2008 we have manned 5 Tanker ships with his crew and officers. He continues to be our partner for Ukrainian manning and when we need people from Ukraine, he remains our important choice. 

NI, FICS, CMarTech-IMarEST. Author of ``Golden Stripes - Leadership on the High Seas.`` Podcaster ­ Golden Stripes Podcast

Captain VS Parani

Manning is the ‘linchpin’ of the maritime industry. An error by a navigator can impale a billion-dollar cruise ship on the rocks or leak oil into a pristine marine reserve. The mistake of an engineer can immobilize an engine for weeks, or in case of oily­water-separator bypass violations, damage the company’s reputation. Crew injuries and illnesses, some fatal, are among the highest sources of P&I claims. 

These acts seldom occur randomly. The seeds for such incidents occur thousands of miles away in the offices of the shipping companies. How the seeds will take root depends on the corporate policies and culture. And one of the most important is how crewing matters are followed up. 

Human resources are the most valuable part of the shipping business and this book will help inspire maritime-professionals to understand that maritime crewing is linchpin. Highly recommended read. 

Ex-SMM Executive

Elena Snisarenko

In 2010 I was invited for an interview to SMM. Having no experience at that time, I could only dream about a job in the marine agency. Dr B K Singh was very friendly and an open minded person. With time, I found out that he was much more than that. Even though there was lack of knowledge from my side, I was given a chance. And I am still grateful for that opportunity. 

From the very beginning it was really difficult for me, as there were rules to be followed and a lot of restrictions, and honestly, Dr Singh seemed very strict. But with time, I understood that being the head of the company you cannot be easy going. I learnt a lot from him and I appreciate every lesson he has taught me. A lot of people do not love their job, and this is a fact. For me, working in SMM was a pleasure. I got much knowledge from him, useful advice and valuable ideas. This is priceless. Watching how he negotiates with companies, solves issues, supports seafarers and tries to help them in every possible way made me think that I have never seen a more professional leader than he is. And to my mind, he is an excellent example for many others. He truly inspires us all.

I have worked in SMM for 8 years and I will never forget the experience I have had in this wonderful company. I had tears in my eyes, as my time to leave had come.

Fleet Personnel Director, Anglo­-Eastern Ship Management (India)

Capt Deepak M Correa

Through the years I have seen him grow and guide his Company through the storms to the path of success. His passion for Seafarers and particularly Ukranian Crew is seen in the manner in which he fights for their rights and takes up their causes with the Company. Extremely prompt in his responses, he has helped us more than once to tide over emergencies particularly between 2008 and 2012 when shipping was in a steep growth trajectory. 

His excellent management is commendable and rarely have I seen anyone leave or any of our staff not return to us. I am sure his book will help us learn and draw inspiration from his rich experiences in this field of Crewing.


C/E Kochnyev Georgiy

I’ve been an Employee of SMM for the Past 10 Years. Dr Binay Singh is “the man for seafarers”. If any seaman is in trouble, the first person who comes to mind is Dr Singh as he understands the seaman’s problem as a personal problem and takes so much effort to solve the issue of any seafarer.

He keeps himself updated with the latest maritime industry knowledge, and current affairs. Sharing this with fellow seafarers then and there, so keeping all seafarers also updated with the maritime news.


Capt Kosyanov Andrey

My father-in-law, Oleg Anatolyevich Brailovsky, began working with SMM and he was the first in our family, having continued to work for over 15 years. Following in the footsteps of my father-in­-law, I too joined the company and for more than 10 years I have been working with Singh Marine. 

Collaboration with Singh Marine has brought me stability and confidence in the future. Personally, Dr Singh himself monitors the employment and career growth of each of his employees; the personnel who ensure the accurate work of crewing are always selected very carefully. 

Senior Partner, Black Sea Law Company, Board Member of the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association

Evgeniy Sukachev

Dr Singh is an amazing example, how a person has been developing himself and his business through ages and has now perfect result. The BLACK SEA LAW COMPANY, as the specialists in Maritime Law, always assist Singh Marine Management and their Ukrainian Seafarers in different cases, nevertheless, we mostly provide our legal services to Ship-owners. We believe that in the nearest time Ukrainian Seafarers’ society would become more bigger and stronger with such supporters as Dr Binay!

We wish great success to Dr Binay for amazing launching of his book, which he had authored for manning industry. 


C/E Rizunov Sergiy

I know Dr B K Singh since 2004, the time I have started my work with SMM. Owing to him, a lot of seafarers, including me, got the opportunity to work in a marine industry. And this is a huge contribution into development of Ukrainian recruitment in the world market. 

Dr B K Singh constantly arranges seminars for sailors and their families in Malaysia, India and Philippines.

His approach in work differs from others. Some of his features, which makes working in his company special, are prescience, creativity and aspiration for perfection. The main things are individual approach and understanding. 

I would like to wish Dr B K Singh, who is a wonderful, smart and versatile person – health, success and inspiration in his not so easy trade.


Capt Tsobenko Vitaliy

Odessa is a Centre of Seafarers at Ukraine. As far as crewing is concerned, SMM is the leader, keeping up with international standards in the shipping industry in Ukraine. 

Dr Singh’s contribution and assistance to Ukraine seafarers and to the city of Odessa is much appreciated. Dr Singh is synonymous with manning in Odessa – they are inseparable, in fact they are two similar words in the deeper sense… Thank you, Dr Binay Singh! Many Thanks from All Seafarers!


Capt Kravchenko Vitaliy

Dr Binay as a team leader has organized his staff well to provide good services in a professional manner. Each seaman working with SMM for a long time feels as a part of this great team. We appreciate SMM for the good support, kind attention and best cooperation.


C/E Tsudik Andriy

I am 43 years old CE from Teekay Tankers and I would like to share a story about my friendship with Dr Binay Kumar Singh. 

We are batch mates, had started our education in OSMA in 1993 and since that time life has kept us together. There were nearly 30 Indian cadets in Marine Academy at that time and only few of them were able to complete 5.5 years of education and graduate. But my friend had pursued not only the graduate degree, he became the best Indian cadet, this encouraged him to continue with further education and achieve something which had never been done before. He was the first foreigner who got Doctor’s degree in OSMA and that too in two years as courses for Ph.D. at our academy 4 years!


Capt Gulpa Sergey

My acquaintance with Dr Singh began in 2010. At this time, I was unsuccessfully trying to overcome difficulties of getting a promotion. It is well-know that the main difficulty is not to become a Chief Officer, but to go further. A lot of marine agencies offered Chief Officer’s position with future prospects, but none of their promises were fulfilled. Then one friend suggested me to try my destiny with Dr B K Singh and his team. Of course, I have not received the position of Master from the very beginning, which I feel is okay, as every person should first be checked in his working position. 

With the help of SMM my dream has come true and I have been working with them for almost 10 years. Nowadays, every seafarer understands that to get a job is not the main thing, it is very important for every sailor and his family to feel safe and be protected. 

SMM helps you with every step, from signing contract and your sign on the vessel till sign off. Every step is followed and support is given when same required. In my life I had some obstacles and difficult issues which I could overcome with the help of Dr Singh. 

He was the one who told me not to give up! Sometimes such simple words and good advice can change the fate of a person. His kindness, humanity and readiness for discussions are very appreciable. I know there are very few agencies, where you can have 24 hours support. And it is so valuable when you can have a consultation in the middle of the night and you are not being sent to a manager. Dr B K Singh always listens to you carefully and answers all the questions. I think that my acquaintance with the CEO of SMM, Dr BK Singh is a lucky ticket in my life. My son is growing up, and all parents wish their children only the best. So I will be very happy if my son works with such a wonderful person like Dr B K Singh.


Capt Shakh Yuriy

One summer day in 2006, when after a difficult voyage I was enjoying my vacation I got a phone call. Somebody on the phone was trying to speak in Ukrainian but I must say it didn’t sound impressive. I realized it was a foreigner, and tried to suggest that it will be better if we communicate in English, however, the person on the other end insisted to speak in my native language. 

That was Dr Singh and he called me to make an offer very hard to decline. He told me that he got my phone number from a friend, who runs a manning agency and offering a job to me. We agreed on a meeting and after a few days I went to his office. 

Dr. Singh was at work and I noticed that he was really fast in whatever he was doing. I observed him to be a simple person yet multitasking and handling everything very efficiently, like working with Microsoft Windows, negotiating with somebody on the phone and having a chat on Skype simultaneously! He confidently formulated his offer: brand new tanker, good salary, joining in a few weeks, in case approved. 

I realized this time luck was on my side. For many years since collapse of USSR I was working in different foreign companies on tankers, most of them being in a very senior age, with a single hull. Meeting Dr Singh, I could see a brighter future for myself. 

In a few weeks I was on board a double hulled Aframax of reputable owner enjoying all the amenities of a new ship. New contracts followed thereafter and I knew – this inter mediator is not a burden but a guide to my brighter future.

Industry Advisor, Ocean Consulting AS

Svein Helge Guldteig

Congratulations with your book! I hope it will be valued by experienced seafarers and office staff as well as younger people aspiring for a career in the marine industry. Having started and built up a manning company in Ukraine I know you have lot to share with your readers. Good luck with launching of the book and the prospect and continued development of your company for the benefit of seafarers and ship owners. 


Capt Virendra Mishra

Heartiest congratulations Dr Binay. Your passion for work and life are truly praiseworthy. I am sure people will love to read your book as it is very relevant to their life and profession. I wish you good luck with the launch of your book. God bless you. 

Marine Solutions

Yulya Maslova

Although Singh Marine Management is our long­term strategic partner, I would like to note its leader, Dr B K Singh, who is the soul of all this wonderful team. First of all, he is a great manager who has a sense of sensitivity to highly professional specialists. Secondly, he is a very flexible manager, who always looks for alternative ways to solve the problem and third, he is a truly reliable partner, on which you can always rely knowing that he will not fail you.


C/E Krasyuk Anatoliy

Looking back at my path in a marine industry, analyzing long period of work as engineer (actually it is a quarter of a century) and my gradual promotion from 4th Engineer to Chief, I would like to mention that marine agency plays an important part at any level of this path.

During 25 years of my work, I met a lot of head officers of the marine agencies I worked with. But special place in my life takes owner of SMM, Dr B K Singh and his friendly team, people whom I have been working with more than 10 years. 

To my mind, I was lucky to meet such a professional as Dr B K Singh, who has individual approach to every seafarer he works with. 

In an utter astonishment, I admit that despite busy schedule of an owner of company, Dr BK Singh keeps in touch with every sailor till signing of the agreement, as well as after same, he is always ready to solve any issues arisen. 

Only being decent, honest, responsible, sympathetic, steady, competent, attentive, able to compromise creates the perfect atmosphere for long-lasting cooperation. 


C/E Tenyakov Sergey

I am familiar with Dr B K Singh since 1998 and now, he and I, a Chief Engineer with great experience in the navy, have been co-operating effectively for more than 15 years. 

Dr B K Singh always gives the opportunity for seafarer to show his professional qualities and experience, thanks to his subtle knowledge of the soul of a man; what the sea is; the difficulties of life; work of seafarers; and the ability to build a business partnership with the best Maritime Companies in the world. 

He has his own personal approach and connection with every seafarer, and because of this, every person feels secure, protected and confident, knowing that Dr B K Singh will always come to the aid and support in any situation.

I am infinitely grateful to Dr B K Singh, thanks to him, I have become a wealthy man and I am happy that I am always with my wife during the whole time working in SMM and we were able to build our family residence on the sea, where he can always come with his family to spend the weekend, as my closest, respected and always desired friend. GOD BLESS YOU!


Praveen C Shukla

We know that success is intoxicating, many of us have tasted in some small ways. It is difficult to be successful and yet remain grounded, not forgetting the necessity of people who either contributed to the success or those who are simply part of that large group who await success in their lives, because without them there would have been no distinction, no pleasure of being at the top! Dr Binay Singh has achieved success in many ways but he remains rooted to the deeply instilled values with which he once left his home country. When I asked him what made him successful, he replied with a childlike sparkle in kind and friendly eyes, “Aha, good question – I know that this is because of the blessings of people, family and especially of seafarers” I know that it is more than just the blessings. It is the restlessness to do more for these people in return, which fuels him to chase his dreams constantly. Such is the sense of purpose in this man who calls Odessa his home and gives voice to the seafarers’ humble demands. Dr Singh is a fun-loving, curious and passionate man who treats everyone alike. Having known him all these years it is obvious to me that the manning of ships is more than an occupation for him. There is a deeper sense of purpose that propels him in this competitive business segment. We need more people like him who genuinely care for the seafarers and willing to go the extra mile against this longer than expected the ebbing tide of shipping market to be there on the lighthouse of hope-as a guardian who constantly guides & cheers the passing ships and the seafarers. 

There is no strong driver than hope, but it is the action that brings about results and not just the hope. Dr Singh has both. God bless such men, who are rare!

Wife of Capt Kandabarova

Natalia Kandabarova

There are people in the world who, in spite of their business and professionalism at work, are able to enjoy every single day without losing this ability during the whole life, transforming the fog in people’s souls into the sun. Dr B K Singh left this impression on me, when I first met him more than 10 years ago. And this impression was astonishing for me, as nowadays, at the time of nervous routine it is rareness. 

A positive working mood of the company leader is not possible without inside steadiness and spiritual development. This is the only way the workers of the company can be inspired to find creative solutions for any issue that arises. 

This is not the case in most other companies, where the head is trying to force the exhausted staff to do more work than it is possible. Poor people try to survive till the end of the day and feel themselves as worn out horses! But looking at the SMM team you have a definite impression that this office is filled with like-minded people. 

Enchanting attentiveness to the visitors, responsiveness and the ability to find an extraordinary way out of any difficult situation – these are traits which make this professional team stand out. 

Even a short meeting with Dr B K Singh and his professional team brings a lot of positive energy. They say, that purposeful person always finds the means to solve any problem. But if not, then he creates those means himself, as there is nothing impossible for a person with iron will and big soul, which helps to go ahead, without turning back to new life challenges.