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Dr Binay Singh is committed to unite like-minded people, who are sincere, positive and selfless. With support of such people, he would firstly work towards providing 100 % employment to all seafarers’ irrespective of their nationalities and status. He would also like to help our world society at large selflessly to assist them reach their happiness through their achievements in life.

Dr Binay Singh’s mission is to serve the world society across the world to the best of his abilities and bring success and happiness in everyone’s life.
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Founder & CEO | Singh Marine Management SMM

Dr Binay Singh is a globally recognised expert in international ship manning having two decades of experience in recruiting, developing and growing Ukrainian seafarers for the worldwide shipping companies. With his team of crewing officers and executives, his company serves over 30 international companies and represents their manning interest in Ukraine. He has native level language skills in Russian and Ukrainian and has been living in Odessa since 1993.

Dr Binay Singh’s Life Story

A story of an entrepreneur who is epitome of optimism.

Dr Binay Singh was born and brought up in a small city of Bihar state in India. From a businessman’s son to one of the most influential personalities of Odessa, Ukraine, Binay’s journey is full of optimism. When he was a child, Dr Binay’s father taught him that everything is possible if we never lose hope. Because of such nurturing, Dr Binay has never considered himself inferior to others.

After passing 12th, Dr Binay went to Ukraine for higher studies but before securing an admission, he needed to learn the Russian language. Therefore, he joined a preparatory course of six months. After a successful completion of the course, he planned to get admission in software faculty at Odessa Polytechnic University. One evening when he was returning to the hostel, he met a person whom he considers an angel sent by the Almighty. He advised Dr Binay to join the Odessa State Maritime Academy. Meeting this man was one of the biggest turning points of Dr Binay’s life as he left the software field and joined the academy to learn Marine Science. During the first six months he failed thrice in Mathematics and due to back to back failures, he was detained from the academy. It was absolutely devastating for him but he did not lose hope. One of his professors asked Dr Binay to learn Maths from her husband. He started learning Maths thrice a week for a couple of months. Due to good coaching, his Maths was improved significantly and he secured a comprehensive score in the subject. After this, Dr Binay had never looked back and continued to study with persistence and conviction that he could do better. Things were not at all easy for him as his father did not have sufficient money to pay his tuition fees and other expenses such as boarding. Dr Binay was disheartened but started to give lessons to his academy mates in various subjects to pay his tuition fees. Moreover, due to his excellent track record in studies after re-joining the academy did not expel him from studying. To cut down the expenses, he moved to the quarter from the hostel where he met an old lady who treated Dr Binay as her son. Years had passed and in 1999, Dr Binay earned Post graduation with flying colours.

The old lady whom Binay called ‘Mamma’, called various companies to help Dr Binay find a job. To their surprise, one company had expressed interest in Dr Binay and called him for an interview. While Dr Binay was being interviewed by the panel of experts for the company, the owner of the company received a call from a potential client. The call was from Arcadia Shipping Private Limited from India and the head of the organisation said that, “He is only interested in doing business if there is a presence of an Indian guy.”

Dr Binay’s optimistic nature had helped him to get the job. Because of his hard work and dedication the company had started earning money and fame. As an officer, Dr Binay played several roles such as an inspector, an interviewer for board examinations, and more. Everything was going well until the day when the company for which Dr Binay had put his blood and sweat, the management expelled him overnight by giving an absolutely vague reason that, “You have to leave the company as you are creating troubles for the management.” This was a huge setback for him but instead of getting broken, Dr Binay stood strong against the hurricane named troubles because he believed that, “Setback gives us the platform to come back.”

While playing multiple roles in the company, he realised that he had the potential to start his own company. In 2003, Dr Binay started his company, ‘Singh Marine Management Limited’ a specialised marine resources company operated in Ukraine and serving worldwide. The company’s clients are located in 20+ countries which is a testimonial of Dr Binay’s optimism.

In the year 2017, Dr Binay was awarded as ‘The Most Charismatic Personality of the Year’ by Sailor Today.

Today Binay is a renowned personality in the World Shipping industry. Binay’s life philosophy is “Treat people as you like to be treated.”

Dr Binay Singh is a living example of being positive and optimistic. He loves to motivate people in a right way.

Dr Singh’s life’s mission is to serve seafarers community across the world to the best of his abilities and bring success and happiness in their lives.

He wishes to bring positivity, love, and  enthusiasm for all those people who are involved in Maritime Manning.


Dr Binay Singh’s current professional interests include writing books on Maritime Manning and Scientific Articles related to Maritime World. As a result of this interest, he has written several books. Two of these books are popular in maritime industry are:

  • “Maritime Shipping & Liability of the Career” in 2012
  • “The Art of Maritime Manning” in 2019

Dr Singh has also published a number of articles in popular maritime magazines for seafarers. His life’s mission is to serve world seafarers’ communities selflessly. He has innovative ideas and solid credibility to motivate people and be successful motivational speaker.

Achievements & Accomplishments
  • CEO of Singh Marine Management Ltd (SMM) (21/04/2003 – Present)
  • Dr Singh was awarded by Sailor Today (The most Charismatic Personality of the Year 2017)
  • Dr Singh’s selfless work and dedicated service towards seafarers and their families won him the 18th Sailor Today Sea Shore Awards 2019 for Seafarer Welfare.
  • Dr Singh authored first book in history of shipping industries”Maritime Shipping & Liability of the Carrier”
  • Dr Singh authored first book in the history of maritime manning industries”The Art of Maritime Manning”
  • Global Manning Expert
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Leadership Development
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Crewing Advisory
  • H.R. Management
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Playing accordion & Piano
  • Yoga
  • CrossFit fitness
  • Swimming
  • Dr Singh has been invited to International Forum, Education, Training and Crewing (ETC 2020, Sep 2020) to moderate Crewing Table.
  • Dr Singh has been invited as a speaker at II International Maritime Insurance Seminar, Odessa, Ukraine
    (Sep 2020).
  • Dr Singh has attended Nor-Shipping, Oslo huge Exhibitions & Conferences in 2019.
  • Dr Singh has been invited as Delegate to Saudi Arabia Maritime Congress in 2019.
  • Dr Singh has been invited to attend in 2018 naming ceremony of two LNG dual vessels in Busan, South Korea hosted by AET, Singapore.