Dr. Binay Singh is back again with crucial advice for those seeking to not only survive but thrive in our modern world where everyone wants everything right now and expectations run high, hot…


How confident do you feel as a young seafarer?
How sure are you of the direction that your career is taking?

The real meaning of “ICP”- Dr Singh’s Insights

The ICP formula can be helpful for those who are struggling to make a place in the business world. However, this formula is very important for personal lives as well other than professional. ICP refers to three basic sets of principles, “Integrity”, “Commitment” and “Persistence”. In the absence of these three elements, no business can thrive.


The art of learning to give your bounties to this society can change this world altogether. The love for humankind and our fellow human beings is the one that will stay with us forever. It doesn’t have nothingness and it is not temporary. It will stay with us for as long as we live.


Do you wish you could be a more positive person and squash the negative voices that continue to ruin your day?

The real meaning of HOPE – Dr Singh’s Insights

For many people, hope is just a word in English literature that has a certain meaning like many other words. It may seem like a simple word. Many people out there think that hope is a power that helps you believe that something good is going to happen in the future. For many, hope exists in many forms. For example, for you, your only hope might be your kid while for others, their parents serve as a ray of hope.

Dr. Singh’s Philosophy of Life

There are so many people in this world and each one has a different perspective towards life. Everyone sees the world differently and have different opinions and behaviors. Even the siblings who grow together under one roof have differences in their thoughts, visions, dreams, and wishes. I have been studying different people for a long time to find a common ground between them.

It’s my way: Dr. Singh’s Insights

My way of dealing with people and this world is different from everyone else. My way is the way of sincerity, the way of integrity, and full dedication. I feel so proud to count myself among the humble servants of this world and humanity. These feelings linger inside my heart and reside in my soul. Therefore, I call it my way, my style.

Odessa : My City, My Home (Part III)

I had the glitter of youth in his eyes and I wanted to explore a different culture, different city, and modest surroundings. What else would you expect from a young 16-year-old boy after all? Those were the times when youth was at a peak and I was being controlled by that. Those were the times when the bitter reality of this hard life hadn’t crossed my path yet.

The Art Of Persistence

Hard work without persistence reaps no results. In life, there is no shortcut formula for success. Success requires a strong combination of various factors including persistence in hard work. No matter how much effort you put in something, if you are not persistent, you won’t be able to succeed.

My Story – The Graduation

At the time of my graduation, back in 1999, I was already working in a company and my entire focus was to do as much as possible for Ukrainian seafarers in the shipping industry. Those were very tough and hard times as the technology wasn’t very advanced and communication wasn’t as simple as easy as it is today.

Odessa : My City, My Home (Part II)

Odessa still fills my lungs with its magical air and puts colors in my life. There is so much pleasure this city has given me and still doing the same. That peaceful air and insignia, I can never find anywhere else. The beautiful trees and enchanted environment attract me towards them even after all these years. The beautiful shops in the streets of Odessa don’t only have nice items but also have friendly staff in it. People are always smiling and greeting each other.

The Art Of Giving Credit

Many people are terrific when it comes to giving credit to someone. Such people, even when they do any great work, give all the credit to others. They are unaware that in reality, they are giving the credit of success to other people. People who only helped or motivated them.

Odessa : My City, My Home

What makes Odessa so unique and glorious also lies in the liveliness of its inhabitants. The people of Odessa are friendly and highly hospitable. They are kind and have a great sense of humor as well. There isn’t even an image of racism here due to which is loved by the tourists. The inhabitants love to welcome outsiders and people from other nationalities, religions, and cultures. It won’t be wrong to say that they treat others like God and supports them in every way possible.

My Story – Struggles of professional life

There are moments in life when it seems as if all hope is lost. All you see is darkness; haunting every step of the way. All the doors look like bands. I’ve been through a similar situation while I was struggling to find a place in the industry. My career seemed at stake and my professional life was facing a massive downfall.

Dr. Singh’s Philosophy To Bring A Change In This World

Today’s world is filled with distress, poverty, hunger, and war. That is why it needs a revolution! To bring a change in this world, we need this strong bond of “empathy”, “love” and “enthusiasm”. All of these forces, when working together, can create wonders in this world! And that is what’s required to bring a change in this world and put an end of all physical and mental wars!

Fitness – Meditation

Meditation embarks me mentally on a journey; a journey to the deepest places of my mind, a journey to wherever I wish to go. The peace of mind it bestows me with helps me keep my cool in even the worst emotional crisis. Doing so, I find myself mentally equipped to prepare the contingency plan for whatever comes at me tomorrow. I always have Plan B followed by Plan C and so far.

My First Job

When I got my first job in a company in 1998, the time was not as bright for me. Since I was enrolled as a student in an academy as well, I had a pretty tight schedule. My classes at the academy extended till morning to about 2-3 pm. I had a ‘no compromise’ policy on my studies, so, I had to attend all my classes daily.

Why people call me Mr. Positive?

If I look back to my life right now, I can proudly say that I achieved what I envisioned. Among many visions, one of the major targets I always had was to remain calm and relaxed.

Why do I love to fail?

In life, there are certain things that we have set wrongly. Among them, one such thing is “considering failure a shameful and bad phenomenon”. My question to everyone out there is:
What makes failure so bad?