Do you wish you were a more motivated person? Do you find that every single motivational talk out there isn’t exactly changing your life? Or do you wish that you could be more motivating as a leader, manager, or a parent today?
Know that you are not alone! Many people fail to realize that you need to motivate yourself first in order to motivate others. And no, motivational TED talks won’t make that happen for you – only YOU can do that.
In the book ‘Motivate Yourself Before Motivating Others’, Dr Binay Singh guides you through the process of first understanding motivation, then finding your own motivation, and working to sustain that motivation.
Dr Singh thereafter explores how you can harness your motivation to make the world a better place. He encourages everyone to re-look at themselves, introspect,and question whether they want to become a positive source of motivation for the people in their lives.
If you’re tired of living on autopilot, feeling unsatisfied, and largely living without any kind of motivation, then this book might change your life. Everyone can feel motivated, no matter where you come from or who you are. It’s up to you to unlock it.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Getting Inspired
  • Chapter 2: Motivation and Its Impacts
  • Chapter 3: Dreaming Big
  • Chapter 4: Being a Source of Motivation
  • Chapter 5: Motivation in My World
  • Chapter 6: The Way Forward
  • Conclusion

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