Motivate Yourself Before Motivating Others


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It is a well-known Chinese proverb that quotes:

“Your teacher can only open the door but you must enter by yourself”

The deep meaning of this proverb points directly towards motivation. Without motivation, you cannot enter any door of success even if you reach it.
Another famous quote by “Wayne Dyer” says: “Be miserable or motivate yourself.” This quote mentions what happens when you are not motivated enough.

Dr. Singh also covers the particular subject of motivation in his book “Motivate yourself before motivating others”. He emphasizes the significance of motivation by saying that one cannot borrow someone else’s motivation and use it in their own lives. He also further says that you cannot make a difference in this world without motivating yourself first and then spreading it in society. He stresses on the fact that how can one motivate another person when he is in a distressful and miserable situation? You cannot find any leader in this world who is void of motivation in his life. When you are motivated yourself, only then you can radiate it towards others.

Keep in mind that even when we say “motivate others”, it means creating such an environment that allows other people to “motivate themselves”. In short, in this world, no one can motivate others unless and until they motivate themselves. Thus, the best that you can do today is to build an atmosphere where everywhere can motivate themselves. This way, we can create a better society for ourselves and this world.

Thus, your objective is simple:

Motivate yourself, and in turn, you will create an environment where others can motivate!

The same concept is covered in the amazing write-up by Dr. Singh where he guides us the ways through which we can learn the basic principle of motivation and make this world a better place!

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