A Guide to Sailing and Its History


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‘International Guide for Seafarers’ – A Book by Dr Binay Singh

Who’s this book for?
“The International Guide to Seafarers” is for all those who are linked with the shipping and maritime industry one way or another. This book is not targeted to any specific race or class. From sailors and crew members to managers and seafarers, this book is equally beneficial for every part of the shipping industry! This book will surely change the future of the shipping industry.

Why is this book unique?
What makes this book unique is that it covers every aspect of the seafaring world right from the beginning of the time. It focuses on grabbing as much information from the seafaring world as possible. With more than 10 nationalities covered, the book covers every bit of information about these seafarers, their challenges, hardships, and their origination. What makes this book unique is that it doesn’t only mention the good sides of the seafaring community around the world but also covers the downsides. Thus, it provides a complete and honest guide to anyone who is wishing to step into the world of seafaring or is already a part of it.

Salient features of the “International Guide to Seafarers”
The International Guide to Seafarers is a book that covers 10 mighty cultures of the seafaring industry. It contains a history of seafarers from various nationalities and also reflects their number, present and past challenges, the maritime education system in various countries, their specialties, training programs, and even the little things like their preferred cuisines. The book also throws light on how certain seafarer communities and cultures were developed and what was the reason behind their success. Furthermore, the book is also an amazing guide for anyone who wishes to become a leader on board a ship.

In nutshell, this book by Dr. Singh is a must-read that shows an amazing transformation of various seafaring nationalities and sets an excellent example for all of us.

Know more about the seafarers from different countries in Dr Binay Singh’s book ‘International Guide For Seafarers’
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