How did seafaring begin?


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Ancient maritime history goes back to thousands to years. There are many civilizations that are involved in the creation of the glorious maritime industry that stands today. However, not many of us are aware of those civilizations and their history. Not having enough information on this area is also one of the main reasons for many risks and challenges in the seafaring industry today.

Seafaring began at different times in different parts of the globe as a means of economic expansion. One of the earliest leaders in this regard was the Ming Dynasty with the largest fleet. Portuguese navigators are also well-known in the world for their part in the seafaring industry. America and Spain also jumped in seafaring the later years. However, there is no single source where you can find the history of seafaring in one place. There is a lot of scattered information everywhere. Most of us aren’t even aware of some small countries which actively take place in the seafaring industry and are producing quality seafarers for a long time.

Thus, there was a dire need of a source from where seafarers, crew members, managers, and anyone who is looking to hire seafarers from around the world can obtain the correct information. This hurdle is recently removed by Dr. Singh as he composed a masterpiece book, “The International Guide to Seafarers”. The book revolves around the young men at the sea who spend their lives onboard. There had been a lot of problems standing in the way of seafaring industry as very little information was present on the internet and even in the books. This friendly guide written by Dr. Singh poses the solution to all those problems as it is one of a kind that targets all areas of the seafaring community. The book has answers to your questions!

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