Seafarers are the backbone of an industry. They handle more than 90% of the world’s goods daily. Without them, the global shipping industry would not survive.
Although all of them might perform similar roles, they are quite different from each other. The seafarers of every country bring a diverse set of beliefs, cultures, personatlities, and mannerisms that can make all the difference when it comes to deciding the type of crew to hire. This extensive guide compares and contrasts various groups of seafarers to give you an insight into who they are and how they follow orders. The book also focuses on various aspects and traits of seafarers and whether they make good leaders or not. These and many such questions are taken into consideration while composing this book that will be helpful for shipping industry.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Indian Seafarers
  • Chapter 2: Philippines Seafarers
  • Chapter 3: Ukrainian Seafarers
  • Chapter 4: Chinese Seafarers
  • Chapter 5: Myanmar Seafarers
  • Chapter 6: Bangladeshi Seafarers
  • Chapter 7: Malaysian Seafarers
  • Chapter 8: Russian Seafarers
  • Chapter 9: European Seafarers
  • Chapter 10: American Seafarers
  • Chapter 11: Japanese Seafarers
  • Chapter 12: IndonesiaN Seafarers
  • Chapter 13: South Korean Seafarers
  • Chapter 14: Pakistani Seafarers
  • Chapter 15: Croatian Seafarers
  • Conclusion

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