Why to pursue Cross-fit and Yoga?


The is a famous Greek proverb – “A sound mind is in a sound body”.

Dr Binay Singh - CrossfitThis proverb has been a source of inspiration for me since it insists that it is not only the body but also the mind that keeps us in a good shape. Our Mental Health plays a very crucial role in defining our holistic well-being. Only through a sound mind, one is capable of generating positive and good thoughts.

Likewise, without a sound body, one can not maintain a positive lifestyle. That is why I always strive to maintain a healthy diet along with a consistent exercise routine to enjoy my life in the best possible way.

To ensure physical and mental fitness, I pursue CrossFit and Yoga diligently in my daily routine. For the past eight months, I had been working more than 110-hours per week while pursuing a strict CrossFit regime for a few hours everyday. My work with the seafaring community requires a lot of hard work and public dealings. Though this keeps me quite busy, I always motivate myself to continue my CrossFit and yoga routine. I have realized enormous benefits from these hard hours of work and exercise. Firstly, these have made my life disciplined learning to physical and mental benefits that I can feel currently. Secondly, Exercising soothes the mind and I wake up every day with a clear and positive mind.

One will be pleasantly surprised to realize that Yoga helped me a lot in stress management too. I now deal with many critical circumstances with a sound mind. It is my conviction to provide only the best to the seafaring community as well as to the society I live in. I consider my exercise routine plays a major part in realizing my conviction. Additionally, Yoga helps me meditate and stay calm and focussed. Collectively, all of my fitness habits ensure better decision-making, increased focus and high productivity in my work.

Each day of my exercise comes up with newer benefits. From relieving stress to reducing muscle tension and strain, Yoga and CrossFit have changed my entire life! I would highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you are a very busy person, don’t forget to include these amazing and life-changing exercises in your daily life.

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