Why do I love to sing and play the accordion?


Once I read in a book ‘Music is the medicine of the mind’. I was quite young then. At that time I had also moved out from home in India to study in Ukraine, which is now my home.  Among the many things I found interesting in Ukraine, the Russian and Ukrainian music caught my fancy.

I loved the baritone and emotions most Russian songs have. Ever since then Music to me has been therapeutic – Music is energetic, Music is relaxing. When we enjoy a piece of fine music, we explore our core emotions. By expressing through songs and music, we connect better with people and find common inspiration. Music is always inspirational!

When I sing, I do so from my heart, striving to make people happy and fill them with positivity. I typically sing Russian and Ukrainian songs, which enthralls me because of its emotions and its power in every word. No song ever grows old for me. When I sing, I see that it makes people happy – which in turn makes me happy too. Whenever my friends, colleagues, and seafarers celebrate any occasion –   be it a birthday, an anniversary, a birth in the family, etc – I send them a recording of my song to add a little surprise and more joy to their happy days.

My work requires talking to many different types of people from across different countries – like office staff, seafarers, ship owners, and ship managers. This involvement at times stresses me by the end of a day. Therefore to unwind I sing and play accordian. This passion makes me ready to return to my duties refreshed and at peace.

Playing an accordion aids my singing. It pulls me closer to my people, since an accordion goes very well with the emotional Russian, Ukrainian, and French songs… which my audiences and I prefer.

I hope I become better at my singing and playing skills each day. I wish that my singing and playing the accordion leaves an indelible mark aming my immediate family and friends. I believe that songs and musical instruments always help connect with people more than what mere few words ever can. Therefore, I love to sing and play the accordion because it brings joy to people and makes their lives better.

Along with the maritime manning business, I consider music as my lifelong passion.

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