Why do I love to fail?


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In life, there are certain things that we have set wrongly. Among them, one such thing is “considering failure a shameful and bad phenomenon”. My question to everyone out there is:

What makes failure so bad?

Failure happens to everyone in different parts of life. It can be a failed relationship, a failed career, or a failed desire. But, has it ever stopped anyone’s life? No matter, how big or how humiliating the failure, it never has the power to put a full stop to our lives. There is no power out there except our mind that can cease us from moving forward.

From the experiences of my life, I would like to share with you that failure is a part of success. It is necessary and you need to accept it!

I love to explore new possibilities and innovations in my life and that’s why I love to fail. Since the times of my childhood, whenever I failed, it never stopped me from moving forward. Today, standing at this point in my life when I am the owner of my company and a successful entrepreneur, I can proudly say that a lot of the credit for this success goes to failures I had in the past. All those failures allowed me to find a new way to move forward. That is why I always say that failure itself is an opportunity and one should never consider it as a burden. Failure is not the opposite of success. It leads you to success. It is a bridge that connects you to a new path, a better path, a successful path. That is why I love to fail! I love to let this life give me a chance to find a new path every time.

Moreover, I also love to fail because it allows me to be myself. It helps me to struggle and find a way on my own without taking support from anyone. That’s why I don’t take anything from anyone and the same I want to pass it on to this world. I want to preach the lesson of failure, new hopes, new opportunities and to let everyone find their inner self.

So, my dear friends, be as you are! Be yourself! You have received your traits from God and he is the best creator of all. So, follow yourself and lead others and never let failure rule you!

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