Why people call me Mr. Positive?


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If I look back to my life right now, I can proudly say that I achieved what I envisioned. Among many visions, one of the major targets I always had was to remain calm and relaxed.

In the days of my teenage, I faced a lot of crises in terms of my education. I failed, I tried again, I failed again and it kept on repeating. Passing through that darkness somewhere, I learned how to find the light that led me to my way.

Today everyone around me calls me “Mr. Positive”. From morning to evening, there isn’t even a second when I am not smiling or greeting someone. It has become a lifestyle now. People call me, “The man with a smile and shining eyes”. I love the fact that they like to be around me. I love the fact that I am a source of happiness and joy or someone. What else do I need in this life when I have this wealth of happiness! In the world of stress and depression and pandemic, what else should I wish for? Happiness, my dear friends, should be the ultimate goal we all should be hunting for. There is no wealth greater than the wealth of joy and happiness.

I am not saying that I don’t fail now or I always get what I expect. Even today, I still don’t get what I expect sometimes but I remain positive. People still disappoint me but I don’t let that smile fade away. In fact, every time someone fails to meet my expectations, I find it a lucky chance to find more possibilities which further helps me in exploring more opportunities. It gives me a chance to learn, to grow, and to explore more resources. I believe that my mission in this world is to spread positivity and I can only do that by remaining positive myself as only then I can radiate it out in the world.

So, my dear friends! If you want to achieve great success, grab the golden rule of being happy and positive. Remember the fact that sometimes “MORE” leads to disasters. Sometimes, it is better for us to go one step at a time and not try to jump too high. It is better for us never to allow ourselves to fall into darkness when we face failures. Be happy and make everyone around you happy! That’s my motto and I am hoping to pass it on to you!

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