How To Avoid Distraction


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One of the major hurdles in the way of success is everyday distractions, may it be distractions from the people around us or the distractions that come from the wrong use of our electronic devices. Whatever the case is, there is one thing that is for certain:

“We live in a world full of distractions”

With the growth of technology, everyone seems so driven away that it is impossible to avoid these distractions. It is especially lethal for the younger generation to get engaged in distractions they are going on around them. They are scrolling their phones and things get delayed. They are wasting a huge amount of time watching Netflix and the deadlines are missed. Life comes with deadlines and if we don’t do the right thing at the right moment, we are going to miss that deadline and our life can end up being a waste.

That is not only a case with the younger generation but also with the older people. The use of a cellphone is now becoming more common with the baby boomers. As a result, they end up losing their focus and staying frustrated! This needs to be corrected in order to improve the mental health of everyone involved. Me, you and everyone around us! We need to learn how to avoid such distractions.

Below are a few things that really helped me plan my life in the best possible way by avoiding distractions. I hope they will help you as well:

  • Always plan your schedule a day before. Set time for each task.
  • Always go offline an hour before going to bed.
  • Begin your day early in the morning and don’t set an alarm on your cellphone. Use a clock.
  • Make your workspace clean and arranged. By doing so, you will want to spend more time there.
  • Make it a rule that you won’t attend any calls during work time.
  • Spare some time for yourself like exercising or dancing or swimming.
  • Socialize with your friends and make them face to face.
  • Stay away from your social media accounts especially when you are in bed.
  • Let others around you that you need to focus on and let them know if they are distracting you. You can also use noise-canceling headphones if there are a lot of distractions around you.
  • Don’t forget to take breaks as they will allow your brain to refill its energy and will also save you from becoming a workaholic. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
  • Make use of the “Airplane Mode” of your cellphone. It will help you limit the phone calls and messages and other interruptions during the day.
  • Set a time for everything in life!

By doing these little things, you can bring huge changes to your life and avoid all those obstacles! Once you begin practicing these, you will find yourself and your brain, more refreshed and more energized! Moreover, you will also be able to improve your focus and concentration!

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