What Does Communication Mean to You? Let’s Talk about Its Role in Your Life


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Have you ever wondered what you would need to do to master the art of communication?

This is a question that I have reflected on for a long time, seeking out answers that would apply to all people and situations. Although I know what a personal question this is, I approached it from the point of view that I could find certain universals about it as well – ideas that would carry over generally and that I could pass on to anyone who turned to me for advice. Little by little, I came to a firmer understanding of communication because of my devotion to the topic.

During my career, there have been moments that the importance of communication seemed to stand out undeniably. Anyone who looked at the outcome of the situation could see what went wrong and how, and if the people involved had known how to communicate or had honored the value of communication, they could have saved themselves a whole lot of trouble. Throughout history too, I have seen examples of leaders using communication to their benefit, leveraging its power to serve groups and causes more effectively. Because of their artistry with communication, thousands and even millions of people have been better off. Imagine that!

Now, I am presenting all of my findings and insights in my latest book, which I have entitled “The Art of Communication: Dr. Singh’s Insights”. This is a dense but brief book, an overview of the principles that I hold dear in communication and the work that I have done to understand it on a deeper level. I have collected anecdotes from my life and from the annals of history, organizing them side-by-side with explanations of the steps that anyone can take to improve their communication and become a true artist in the field.

Stay tuned for more information about the release!

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