Do you feel like your personality is constantly holding you back from reaching your true potential? Do you wish you could have a more positive attitude and outlook? Do you want to move out of your comfort zone and finally start living the life that was meant for you?
In Personality versus Attitude, author Dr Binay Kumar Singh begets to the depth of how to attain the life you’ve always wanted for yourself. By looking at the psychology of personality, as well as how to change your attitude, this book provides actionable steps on becoming a kind, compassionate, likable, and productive person today.
You don’t need to change your personality. Be who you are and play to your strengths. You can change your attitude and choose to see the world around you in a fresh persepctive.
If you feel like it’s time to start seeing your life in a whole new light, this self-help book is for you. Discover and explore your unique personality and attitude traits today.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: What Is Your Personality?
  • Chapter 2: What Is Your Attitude?
  • Chapter 3: How to Balance Attitude and Personality
  • Chapter 4: Why You Need Both Attitude and Personality to Succeed Today
  • Chapter 5: Positive Attributes of Attitude and Personality
  • Chapter 6: Changing Your Attitude
  • Conclusion

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