Communication Is More Than Just a Skill. Believe It!


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Many people think of communication as a skill, the same way that they think about tying their shoes or brushing their teeth. The thing is, communication runs much more deeply than mere skill. Through communication we can change the world.

We can use communication shape our environment to run parallel with the image of what we want it to be and what we know it can be, and we can strengthen our bonds with the people around us in order to form teams that make a higher impact and drive more impressive results. If you have been looking for the “one thing” that is going to change every other part of your life, this is it. It’s communication, absolutely and unarguably.

I have lived my life on the belief that if I communicate with others clearly and effectively enough, I can anything done. Steadfast in this belief, I have remained in conversations after they have become challenging, I have kept the lines of communication open even when doing so created additional stress for me, and I have embraced self-reflection and self-awareness to figure out how I could make my communication clearer with others. None of this is easy, but time and again, the effort has proven worthwhile. Now, I want to show you how to make such effort in your own life and what it can do for you.

In my latest book, I am presenting all of my favorite anecdotes and theories about communication, drawing on a successful career as an entrepreneur, business owner, motivator, and thought leader. Although colored with my own experiences, The Art of Communication: Dr. Singh’s Insights is nevertheless a book that can apply to every life, every person, and every situation. The only question that remains is – are you going to make the most of it?

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