My Story – The Graduation


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At the time of my graduation, back in 1999, I was already working in a company and my entire focus was to do as much as possible for Ukrainian seafarers in the shipping industry. Those were very tough and hard times as the technology wasn’t very advanced and communication wasn’t as simple as easy as it is today.

Communicating over emails was a huge problem at that time as the entire communication links were either over telephone or fax system and there were some major issues with fax. At the time, you didn’t know how long it would take to receive a fax response. You need to check if the company you are sending the fax to has received your request. That’s why it was a very difficult task to uproot a company at that time. But still, I used to send more than 20 and 30 faxes to Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indian companies daily. I also remember sending thousands of emails to companies every day in the hope that one of them would respond to my e-mail. It was very difficult to make calls at that time as well because they were very expensive. Despite all my efforts, I did not get any fruitful results. All those companies said that they did not want to hire Ukrainians. There was no special demand for Ukrainians in the shipping industry at that time. Times were very tough and very disappointing. But I knew that I had to keep going and I shouldn’t stop trying. Giving up as not in my nature. Thus, that was a great challenge for me which I had to overcome and I did!

After all those years of effort, I found what I was aiming for. I laid the foundation of my own startup with the sole purpose of hiring Ukrainian seafarers. Everything I have today is the result of my persistent and sincere efforts. From that time till today, I have been trying to make the name of Ukrainian seafarers in the industry. I am very much satisfied that now our Ukrainians are accepted and inducted worldwide.

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