The Art Of Persistence


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Hard work without persistence reaps no results. In life, there is no shortcut formula for success. Success requires a strong combination of various factors including persistence in hard work. No matter how much effort you put in something, if you are not persistent, you won’t be able to succeed.

A single drop of water can make a hole in a stone, not by force, but by persistence and regularity. Nature teaches us the importance of being persistent in many ways. I will quote a very small example here that strongly relates to the results of being persistent, motivated, and dedicated.

Every morning I get up, I set up a target of 70 to 100 pushups. That is my fitness goal and unless I fulfil it, I don’t stop! I know the fact that if I stop pushing myself to complete a task, I will fail in all other walks of life as well where persistence is required. I am aware that once they adopt the habit of “giving up”, I will keep on giving up in my personal and professional life as well. The same goes for the exercise, swimming, yoga, gym and cycling targets. I love to set a mission and then work hard to achieve it.

I have written a book, “The Art of Persistence: Dr. Singh’s Insights” with the same goal in mind. My main purpose in writing this book as well as this blog is to discuss and make everyone aware of the importance of persistence in life. Every goal in our life requires persistence whether it is related to fitness, losing weight, developing strength, building muscle, or bigger goals such as choosing a new career path. Without persistence, you will reach a certain point but you won’t be able to move any forward.

Our mind is powerful and it can control our life! If we train our mind to drop that persistence and give up every time, then one day, our subconscious mind will control us. It will force us to give up in the middle and drop our goals and mission. If you fail once, you will keep on failing. If you learn to be persistent, you will remain persistent. It’s simple! Our bodies always adapt to changes and they will mould according to the situation we put them in.

There will indeed be a lot of ups and downs in life. There are good days and bad days but what separates you from a failed life to a successful one is persistence.

The book, “The Art of Persistence: Dr. Singh’s Insights” is one of a kind that teaches the ways of becoming persistent and then maintaining it. The book contains real-life experiences and it will teach you how to find that extra something that is hidden deep inside you. If you are planning to quit or give up, this book can be a magical pill for you and it will push you towards success and hope. All you need is to keep reading that book persistently and don’t leave it in the middle.

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