Odessa : My City, My Home (Part II)


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I still remember the first day the stepped into the beautiful city of Odessa, now I call my home. Ambition in my eyes and the warmth of youth running in my veins, I fell in love with this city. That was the time I decided to stay there forever never knowing the challenges I was going to face ahead but my dream came true and Odessa gave me a space in its arms. It has not only given me a great career but also a great life and a family.

Even today, as soon as I step out of the home in the morning, Odessa still fills my lungs with its magical air and puts colors in my life. There is so much pleasure this city has given me and still doing the same. That peaceful air and insignia, I can never find anywhere else. The beautiful trees and enchanted environment attract me towards them even after all these years. The beautiful shops in the streets of Odessa don’t only have nice items but also have friendly staff in it. People are always smiling and greeting each other. There is no feeling of war or agony against anyone. That’s why I call this place “paradise”.

For so many years I have spent here, I have never faced anything that would make me return to my country. The welcoming nature of its residents has even strengthened me and forced me to live here for the rest of my life.

Odessa also has some amazing restaurants, not only in terms of cuisines but more in terms of the environment. I never felt offended in any way that I belong to some other nationality. From the receptionists to waiters, everyone welcomes the outsiders with a warm spirit regardless of the cast, creed, and nationality. The quality of services, from food to dinning is remarkable and I love to spend time there. Odessa is the land of restaurants and hotels. There are more than 300 restaurants here and all of them special in their way. From Indian, Turkish, Pakistani food to Japanese, Chinese, American, and European cuisines as well as a variety of others, you can find everything here. There is a variety of delicious desserts and drinks as well. Some highly popular restaurants include Tref Cafe in park Pobedi, Azuma, London, Balaton, Skver, Vecherniy Baku, Katran, Ribera at sea beech,  Bernardazzi, Fish Cafe, Riba, Dacha, Klarabara, Shastya  and Renaissance for any get to gather party and celebration of festival , birthday and wedding I always had the amazing experience of my life.

The place still amazes me!

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