The Art Of Giving Credit


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In life, we come across many friends and supporters who motivate us to be positive, hopeful, and move forward in our dark times. As we move past those dark times and negativities, we should also remember those people who helped us when we needed someone by our side.

We should give them credit for their sincerity, support, and true feelings. However, there should always be moderation in life. Many people are terrific when it comes to giving credit to someone. Such people, even when they do any great work, give all the credit to others. They are unaware that in reality, they are giving the credit of success to other people. People who only helped or motivated them. This is a very dangerous attitude and needs to be corrected.
We all should understand that it is not right to give anyone extra credit, more than they deserve. It is vital for us to be sincere, transparent, and put integrity in place when we give credit to someone. It is not only important for us but also others. Not doing so might make the other person proud, commanding, and authoritative. Moreover, why would you give the credit of your success to others? It is yours. You have earned it! And you need to tap yourself on the back rather than putting in someone else’s lap. Do you not want to receive credit? Do you not want to get promoted? You could be at the pinnacle of success if only you stop giving extra credit to others who don’t deserve them!

However, at the same time, we should also not be stingy when giving credit to others. If someone has helped you, appreciate them. if someone did even a little thing to make them happy, tap them on the back. Appreciation is important as it will make them do the same task again and again in the future as well. It will also make them a trusted leader in the future and they will want to help others more in different ways. They may also start working harder. That way, you will help them become a better person as well. But giving them extra credit will do the opposite. They will become arrogant and that is not only bad for them but also the rest of the world.

So, take this responsibility to learn the art of giving credit to others and do it in moderation!

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