SVETLANA – My Love Forever



‘Svetlana – My Love Forever’ is a story of love, inspiration, fate and belief. Binay, a young boy from India, arrives at the beautiful city of Odessa for an education in Computer Engineering. However, his life takes multiple challenges, creating situations where Binay might have to return to Inda – his dreams unfulfilled. However, one day he meets Svetlana and everything changes. This story is an inspiration for anyone looking for the love of their life, and for everyone who has found it to take out the time to appreciate and cherish their perfect partner.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: My Tender Love
  • Chapter 2: My Dreams of Love
  • Chapter 3: Odessa: The Perfect Place to Fall in Love
  • Chapter 4: Settling Down In Odessa
  • Chapter 5: Meeting Svetlana – My Angel
  • Afterword

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