How does a young Indian with no connection to the shipping industry go from his home country to international success as the CEO of a manning company in Odessa, Ukraine? Follow the inspiring, emotional, and sometimes hilarious story of Dr. Binay Singh as he finds his way in the world from being a naive Indian youth to a fun-focused university student to a successful business owner in this fascinating autobiography. Dr. Singh, the owner of Singh Marine Management has lived in Ukraine for the past 28 years and made the country his home. Learn valuable life lessons as he relives his tumultuous first few years studying abroad, overcomes personal tragedy, finds his true calling in the maritime industry, and meets the love of his life.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Answering the Call
  • Chapter 2: University Ups and Downs
  • Chapter 3: Finding The Right Path
  • Chapter 4: Life at Sea
  • Chapter 5: Sorrow and Salvation
  • Chapter 6: Going My Own Way
  • 2020: The Best Year of My Life

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