Dr Binay Singh is back again with crucial advice for those seeking to not only survive, but thrive in our modern world where everyone wants everything right now and expectations run high, hot, and completely unreasonable. Take this journey with Dr Singh to explore the nature of our expectations, and how we let unrealistic ones about ourselves, our relationships, our jobs, and other people turn us from happy, healthy individuals into stressed, angry, off-balance people who self-sabotage their careers, their home, and their mental health. Dive into the science behind expectations – how they form and how they should properly function. Learn about the eight most common types of unrealistic expectations that can plague every aspect of our lives if we don’t learn to control them. See what healthy expectations look like and the incredible benefits of having them. And learn how to apply Dr Singh’s three Golden Rules of Realistic Expectations through compelling examples and his own experiences. Are you so focused on the future that you struggle to live successfully at the moment? Then this is the book for you.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: The Science of Expectations
  • Chapter 2: The Positives of Mastering Your Expectations
  • Chapter 3: The Three Golden Rules of Realistic Expectations
  • Conclusions

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