Sincere Feedback For Me Is Like Morning Exercise


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Receiving feedback and then accepting it is very important and helpful. It contains valuable information that helps an individual to make important decisions in life. It is a fact that the top companies are at the top because they don’t mind accepting feedback from others. Feedback allows a “continuous improvement” in our lives. It is not only important for customers, clients, and employees but also for company owners and managers.

That is why I always keep my ways open to accept sincere feedbacks and then apply them positively in my life. For me, sincere feedback is like morning exercise. It keeps your life positive and directs you to better paths. Following are some of the reasons why I emphasize too much on receiving, giving, and accepting sincere feedback:

  1. Feedback keeps me motivated
    The first reason why I love receiving and accepting feedback is that it keeps me motivated. According to my opinion, when you don’t accept feedback from others, you don’t get a chance to find out your mistakes, and hence, you fail to strive for better. On the other, sincere feedback doesn’t only give you a chance to look upon your mistakes but it also motivates you to correct those mistakes and make better decisions.
    For me, feedbacks are always motivating. It helps me perform better and make me feel appreciated and valued. It helps me in making better business decisions and build better working decisions.
  2. Feedback helps me improve my performance
    Many people consider feedback as a form of criticism. In most of the cases, it is viewed as negative criticism. This habit isn’t appreciated at all. I, personally, keep my room open for both positive and negative feedback. Sometimes, even negative feedbacks help you in pointing out your flaws and benefit you in the long run. I find negative feedback highly constructive as it helps me in improving my performance and decisions.
  3. Feedback allows continuous learning
    I love people who invest their time in giving their feedback. Continued feedback always helped me in the past in aligning my goals, creating strategies, and improving my relationships. I consider it a source of continually improving and learning.
  4. Feedbacks allowed me to form better relationships
    Another reason that I love receiving and accepting feedback is that it helped me evolve in many ways. From improving my business decisions to forming better relationships, feedbacks always helped in improving my overall life.


Feedback is all about listening and then actively comprehending and acting upon that feedback. It allows you to find the best possible solution to all the problems in life whether personal or professional. With sincere feedback, we can always change our lives for better and focus on better things in life. That is why, I always consider feedback having an effect of morning exercise as it directs us to new horizons, motivates us, gives us profound hope, and makes our lives better!

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