Mindset is a Superpower!



Children are like information sponges. They can absorb information and process it far more easily than adults can. Therefore teaching them about a growth mindset while they’re young is far easier than waiting until they’re older. Guidance towards the growth mindset prepares children to perceive life in a more positive light and make far greater strides earlier in their lives than they would otherwise do without guidance. How do you go about teaching children about an abstract idea such as a growth mindset?Mindset is a Superpower is a series of books all about gaining various superpowers to build a growth mindset. Dr Binay Singh shares valuable insights on how to guide children the right way to become successful. This book is the first in the series which enlightens on the way to get started on this journey.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Mindset For Parents
  • Chapter 2: Teaching Kids About Growth – Mindsets
  • Chapter 3: About the Author
  • Chapter 4: More Books By Dr Binay Singh

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