The maritime industry is at a crossroad. Go one direction and chaos awaits; go the other direction and the possibilities are endless.In The New Maritime Way, Dr Binay Kumar Singh has outlined his vision of the best way forward for the maritime industry, touching on a wide range of topics that include technology, organization, education, and mindset.For seafarers and maritime professionals all around the world, Dr Singh’s collected expertise should serve as a wake-up call and a note of encouragement, shining a light on all that is within reach in maritime and all that is ideal.


  • The New Maritime Way
  • Chapter 1: Reasonable Expectations, Incredible Efforts
  • Chapter 2: Current Challenges, Present Problems
  • Chapter 3: The Solutions
  • Chapter 4: Today’s Seafarers
  • Chapter 4: Innovative Ideas
  • Chapter 4: Easier Systems- Navigational and Operational Equipment

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