Modern Women Of The 21st Century



How much do you appreciate the women in your life? How much do they appreciate themselves? In this book of seven essays, Dr. Binay Singh touches on the lives of four remarkable women who gave him life, happiness, academic success, and championed his cause. He adds to those, a trio of essays on 21st-century women – one American, one Ukrainian, and one Indian – who he has found inspiring for years; not to mention, guidance, hope, and a powerful sense of awe at who they are, how they lived, and how they have inspired change around the world. This is a celebration of women from a man who has been inspired by them since the day he was born. It is a collection of heartfelt, life-changing events that altered the course of his life’s journey in the most remarkable ways, giving him all the things he ever wanted in life and transforming him into the best version of himself along the way.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: My Mother
  • Chapter 2: Michelle Obama
  • Chapter 3: My Wife
  • Chapter 4: Inna Braverman
  • Chapter 5: My Mother-in-Law
  • Chapter 6: Indra Nooyi
  • Chapter 7: My College “Mother”

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