COVID-19 – How to disconnect from despair?


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COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, threatens to become the worst pandemic our world has seen in a century. It is during these difficult times that we must stand together as one, more than ever before.

These challenging days force us to revert to our humble nature and show more proof of the traits that define it, such as kindness, generosity, compassion, love, and social intelligence.

While everyone is sheltering at their homes,  the general mood is that of being locked up as in a prison or of being in war. However, instead of fiery projectiles and deadly explosions, we are bombarded by dire news hour after hour, day after day. We turn on the news and the first words that we hear are “Death,” “Infection,” and “Tragedy” in a sad composition that seemingly the whole world chose as a soundtrack for the apocalypse.

I believe in positivity under any circumstance. Here are tips from psychologists that have helped me disconnect with despair. I share this with you so that these tips also help you master the art of turning off and tuning out during your social distancing.

  1. Isolate yourself from continuous bombardment of news about the virus – Limit your news time in a day
  2. Avoid digging deep online for more information – More often than not, you will only be faced with negativity if you spend more more time researching online
  3. Avoid sending “doom and gloom” messages. Don’t forward messages unless you have verified it for being true.
  4. Spread the truth and help someone else disconnect with despairs of their life
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