CORONAVIRUS – An opportunity for introspection and realigning lifestyles


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COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, threatens to become the worst pandemic our world has seen in a century. As prognosticators, talking heads, politicians, and alarmists around the globe threaten to start a panic of infinite proportions, I believe we need to hone and pursue a more positive perspective – one that of inner peace, with the power of prayer, and with the promise of a bright future ahead of all of us.

We all can see the good in everything and fill your days with peace and prosperity. You may ask – How?

This new virus plays on our minds and cases confusion, uncertainty, and mass hysteria. Many of us are reacting to it with fear, anger, and despair. In the absence of any fool proof solution that would shield us from its deadly strike, we can count on something that has always delivered us from evil: common humanity.

If there is something that world history has taught us, it is that the human race must unite and thrive in the face of adversity. Nations and people may have their petty squabbles that time eventually settles, but, when something as lethal as Covid-19 threatens us, we always rise to the challenge.

Here are a few positive actions that we must explore to beat the odds:

  1. Follow the social-distancing protocol to the tee to break the chain of spread of the deadly Covid-19 virus.
  2. Stay indoors and venture outside in public only when necessary.
  3. Pursue your passions to engage meaningfully with time.
  4. Reconnect with quality engagement with your immediate family members.
  5. Connect with friends and relatives over call and other social networks.
  6. Beautify your home with a touch of gardening.
  7. Read. Read. Read.
  8. Plan a movie night with your near ones – Make your Friday nights extra special.
  9. Exercise to remain fit & healthy physically, mentally and spiritually.
  10. Keep yourself mentally sharp is a great way to not get depressed or melancholy as the crisis continues.
  11. If you can then teach someone else, kids as well as adults, online.
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