Too many people today feel like they are trapped by their mindset. They view their mindset as something they inherited from a parent. To them, it’s not anything they can change or fix.

In Your Mindset Can Change the World, we’re ready to contest that viewpoint. We have seen firsthand that any person can choose their mindset. It’s not something in your DNA – it is something you have learned through your life.

We go over the basics of the mindset, different kinds of mindsets, as well as how to change your mindset. We also look at actionable tips and steps that will make it easier than ever before for the reader to get out there and create a positive mindset they have always wanted for themselves.

If you’re ready to feel happier, be nicer, and live a more fulfilling life, we have the perfect guide for you. All of it starts the moment you decide to change your mindset.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: What is a Mindset?
  • Chapter 2: Growth v/s Fixed Mindsets
  • Chapter 3: How to Change Your Mindset
  • Chapter 4: 7 Methods for Changing Your Mindset
  • Chapter 5: Pros and Cons of Rewiring How You See Things
  • Chapter 6: Monitoring Your Mindset
  • Conclusion

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