What Are the Best Skills to Be a Successful Seafarers? 

What Are the Best Skills to Be a Successful Seafarers?


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Dr. Binay Singh is not only the Founder & CEO of Singh Marine Management Ltd in Odessa but also the Founder & President of the Federation of Global Maritime Community. An entrepreneur, public speaker, and also as author his mission is to serve the communities and guide everyone with love, positivity, and enthusiasm.

Skills That a Seafarer Must Have

●    Hard Work

Experts concur that proficiency and hard work are two characteristics for achieving success. Normally, there should be some luck to arrive at the top; yet, no advancement is conceivable in the sea business without skill in transport route or hardware and some weighty work. The main chance to clear an easy route to the top positions is to cleverly fabricate a profession.

●    Problem Solving

Problem-solving is delicate expertise that can be tracked down in basically any industry and calling. It spins around the individual’s capacity to tackle work process-related issues without freezing up. Critical thinking is an expertise that can grow practically. Problem-solving has firmly connected with the executives. It additionally connects with decisive reasoning, as you’ll be managing sea industry issues.

●    Emotional Intelligence

As a seafarer, you’ll at times work with others on the water for a long time and have to depend on each other, every day of the week. Being genuinely wise implies that you’ll have the option to help your group through various challenges, both as an expert and as a companion.

●    Work Ethics

Work ethics connects with your capacity to zero in on your work and do what’s generally anticipated of you during work hours. Healthy work ethics can avoid all sorts of distractions. You will want to add to your group in significant ways and assist people around you by zeroing in on the work within reach also. This is a profoundly important quality to have as an expert no matter what business you’ll work in.

Dr. Singh has served the maritime sector for more than 20 years. He is first a seafarer and then an entrepreneur, business owner, and even a thought leader. During his tenure in the maritime sector, he came across many maritime professionals and seafarers whose soft skills were not as par to their technical abilities. However, those skills are necessary for becoming leaders and drive in change.

In the book ‘Soft Skills for Seafarers’, Dr. Singh shared his thoughts about the most important skills that a seafarer needs to possess. Also, he even focuses on the way the maritime sector should develop itself. This book is a sort of a guide that offers a wide range of exercises that can direct seafarers and even maritime professionals.

Dr. Binay Singh is a renowned motivational speaker and an equally accomplished author. He has written down many books on issues of mental health, well-being, positivity, and more. Some of his books, like Seafarers, You Live In My Heart; Mr. Positive: Dr. Singh’s Guide To Living Your Best Life, etc are some of books worth reading. His books are not only dedicated to the seafarer community but even to all those people who might need some inspiration in life.

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