Kaushik Seal - Cheerful Loyal Maritime Leader

Kaushik Seal – Cheerful Loyal Maritime Leader



Through the Global Maritime Community, Dr. Binay Kumar Singh has charted a brighter and more promising future for seafarers around the world. Kaushik Seal has been there beside him since the beginning of this venture. They have, together, forged an impenetrable bond, perfect for ushering in the new era of maritime. In this book, Dr. Singh recounts his friend and associate Kaushik’s strengths and experiences, so that all may learn from his fine example.

Dr Binay Kumar Singh is the founder and CEO of Singh Marine Management Ltd based in Odessa, Ukraine. His life mission is to serve the world’s seafarer communities and change the world through positivity, love and enthusiasm; this is reflective in his simple, timeless life philosophy: “Treat people as you like to be treated.”

  1. About The Author
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyrights
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgment
  6. A friend, a colleague
  7. His good cheer
  8. A leader to his core
  9. Kaushik, Fearless in Maritime
  1. My Own Experience
  2. Standing as One
  3. More Books By Dr Binay Singh

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