The Power Of Personality – Dr Singh’s Insights



Ever feel like your own lack of inspiration or motivation is slowing you down and keeping you from reaching your full potential at work, in your marriage, or in your other relationships? Sounds like you need a refresher course in the power of personality! Dr Binay Singh, renowned international shipping expert and accomplished author is here to give you all the information you need to master your own personality and understand how to use your knowledge of how other people’s personalities work in order to maximize potential in the workplace. He’ll take you on a journey through the human psyche and into the boardroom of leading companies to understand how they lock in on the best candidates for a job, figure out how to motivate them properly, and make tough calls on who is worthy of joining their team. Dr Singh will also share insights into the progression of his own personality and give details on ways to get your personality ship shape before your next job interview or performance review!


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: How I Got to be ME
  • Chapter 2: Personality Matters
  • Chapter 3: Personality By the Numbers
  • Chapter 4: Tips to Improving Your Personality

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