The real meaning of “ICP”- Dr Singh’s Insights


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Understanding the morals and ethics of business is very important for anyone who is in this field. The ICP formula can be helpful for those who are struggling to make a place in the business world. However, this formula is very important for personal lives as well other than professional. ICP refers to three basic sets of principles, “Integrity”, “Commitment” and “Persistence”. In the absence of these three elements, no business can thrive.

As mentioned before, ICP doesn’t only apply to businesses but also in the field of education, as well as the general life of individuals. It is simple! If a person is unable to keep his integrity in place, then, in turn, he fails to stay committed to his work which further leads to the absence of persistence. Thus, the person will never succeed in the long term. Integrity serves as the first step towards achieving other goals. It is the essence of a happy and efficacious life. It means being truthful and honest. By developing it, a person automatically remains committed to other morals in life that makes him an honest person. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that integrity is such a quality that enhances and sprouts other values as well. A person having integrity contains an unblemished and flawless character as well. One of the best examples of integrity is keeping promises. When a person is keeping promises, it automatically means he has a strong character that further leads to other improvements as well.

ICP can be considered as a small pill of values. It is your choice to swallow this pill or spit it out. Whatever choice you make will affect your personality as well as your character.

Dr. Singh has explained very well the importance of ICP and how does it impact the personal, professional as well as general life. Stay tuned to his upcoming book to get the complete guide!

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