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“What I have today is a blessing from God but this blessing will be multiplied once I start sharing it with the society”
~ Dr. Singh

The art of learning to give your bounties to this society can change this world altogether. The love for humankind and our fellow human beings is the one that will stay with us forever. It doesn’t have nothingness and it is not temporary. It will stay with us for as long as we live.

Philanthropy can also be taken as another form of “charity”. The charity also focuses on the mission of getting rid of poverty and other social problems from this society.

Due to the same reason, I am very much inspired by the concept of philanthropy. I never asked God for anything more than good and the ability to contribute something valuable to this society. I believe in the hospitality of my friends and for me, that is more than enough. I am not running after wealth or fame, rather I am running after the efforts of spreading love and giving something back to this society.
However, I strongly believe that people need to learn the art of contributing and sharing. As mentioned before, charity is intended to eradicate the social and financial problems that is why it needs to go to the right place. They need to learn the art of philanthropy. They should be aware of which are the needy hands and which are not. For example, you can’t give charity to a drug addict as he will use it for the wrong purpose. In that case, you will only contribute towards spreading evilness and not goodness. Similarly, giving money to a robber also means spreading danger and putting the world at risk. On the other hand, offering food to a person who is starving comes under the true art of charity or philanthropy. Likewise, teaching a person how to find a job or grow food also comes under the right umbrella of philanthropy.

That is why I strongly advise people to be very sincere and realistic when it comes to helping others or practice the art of philanthropy. In short, we all need to be very sincere and realistic when it comes to helping others.

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