What’s the most important factor in success in today’s business world? It’s neither customers nor technology when you come right down to it. The answer is people, how you use your company’s most valuable resource and how you combine the skills and competencies of those people to create remarkable results. Building and managing teams of individuals is bordering on being a lost art in the modern world as we all scramble to get things manufactured, shipped, and sold at a break-neck speed. But the real differentiator remains in the power of people. How do they work together? What can they accomplish? What solutions can they provide for problems you didn’t even know existed? This is the power of a great team in action. This book will act as your guide into the delicate world of team building as you learn a little about the right way and a whole lot to learn about doing it the wrong way. So sit back, buckle up, and get ready to learn the fine art of team management.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Great Team Success Stories The Chicago Bulls
  • Chapter 2: Team Building vs. Technology
  • Chapter 3: The Importance of Team Building
  • Chapter 4: Great Team Success Stories The Rolling Stones
  • Chapter 5: Five Biggest Factors in Team Building
  • Chapter 6: Great Team Success Stories Steve Jobs and Pixar
  • Chapter 7: Mistakes to Avoid in Team Building
  • Conclusion

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