For more than twenty years, Dr Binay Kumar Singh has served the maritime sector, first as a seafarer and then as an entrepreneur, thought leader, and business owner. In that time, he has met many seafarers and maritime professionals whose technical abilities far outshined their soft skills – the skills necessary to become leaders and drive real change. In Soft Skills for Seafarers, Dr Singh has collected his thoughts about what the most important soft skills are, why they matter for seafarers specifically, and how the maritime sector can develop them. This guide includes a variety of exercises as well, all directed toward helping seafarers and maritime professionals grow.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Understanding Soft Skills
  • Chapter 2: Communication
  • Chapter 3: Leadership
  • Chapter 4: Teamwork
  • Chapter 5: Problem Solving
  • Chapter 6: Work Ethic
  • Chapter 7: Flexibility
  • Chapter 8: Interpersonal Skills
  • Chapter 9: The Future of Maritime

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