Mr Positive: Dr Singh’s Guide to Living Your Best Life



When people first meet Dr Binay Singh, the first things they notice are the smile on his face and the light in his eyes. Is it any wonder that his friends and colleagues have nicknamed him “Mr Positive?” Whether relaxing at home with his family, connecting seafarers with shipping companies at his office, or out with friends enjoying the sights and sounds of his favorite city, he has found the key to a happy, healthy life is cultivating a positive attitude and sharing it with as many people as possible. The net results? A life of joy, friendship, and the power of knowing that you are helping others. In this new title, Dr Singh wants to share the joy of his life with as many people as possible to spread the wealth that the power of positive thinking can deliver. Travel along as he explores his own shift from negative to positive thoughts, check out the science behind positive and negative emotions inside your brain, and get timely pointers and tips on how to live your most positive personal and professional lives. Come on, get happy!


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Meet Mr Positive
  • Chapter 2: The Science of Positivity
  • Chapter 3: Words to Live By
  • Chapter 4: Positivity in Business

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