Shipping Industry-The backbone of the global economy and trade


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Everyone on this globe benefits from the maritime and shipping industry but there are only a few people who realize its true importance. From shipping food and medicines, these vessels serve as the backbone of our global economy.

With the continuous growth of the world’s population, there is now a dire need to ensure that the shipping industry has all that it needs. The livelihoods and jobs of billions of people are attached to this industry either directly or indirectly. Moreover, all the standards of living that are required to live in this developed and industrialized world is depending upon ships and shipping.

However, there are very few people who are putting efforts into making the shipping industry sustainable. A vast majority of people are even unaware of the key roles that are in the hands of the shipping industry. Most of the facts are hidden from the common people.

If we go back in the ancient times, we see that the entire global economy was supported by seafarers and maritime industry. Dr. Singh also pointed out the same issues in this society and decided to go a step ahead to make the shipping industry prosperous and successful. Among his tons of efforts, one such effort has reached to us in the form of an extensive and highly interesting literature. Many facts that were hidden from us before and no more secret. From the history of the world’s greatest nations of seafarers to their features, qualities, challenges, and adventures, “The International Guide to Seafarers” contains everything in it that will serve as a pillar to highlight the important aspects of the shipping sector.

We are thankful to Dr. Singh for taking his precious time out and putting efforts to maintain this industry and helping the global economy. His efforts can be seen in this book that will reach you very soon!

Know more about the seafarers from different countries in Dr Binay Singh’s book ‘International Guide For Seafarers’
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