Dr Binay Kumar, during his new ventures, met a unique personality Olympia who inspired him so much with one-of-a-kind skills that he has penned down this book to show others what they can achieve in life. Strong women like Olympia work to change the industry standard by providing fresh ideas, strong morals, and measured alacrity. She is compassionate, ambitious, empathetic, calming, a hard worker, and a true leader. This book explains who she is, her life, her work, her efforts and her remarkable successes. This book will be for all who are looking to do something in life and want someone to inspire them. Let’s learn from role model for women “Olympia: Smart Ambitious Woman Leader”


  1. A Powerful Impact
  2. Edging Forward: The making of Olympia
  3. From Stem to Stern: A Rising Star
  4. Carving A Stepping-Stone
  5. Coaching & Leadership
  6. A Leading Force
  7. Her Grand Vision

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