Natalia Serebriannikova – Smart Energetic Woman Leader



Dr Binay Kumar, during his new ventures and owing to his regular learning attitude, met his rhetoric teacher Dr Natalia Serebriannikova and so much impressed with her that he has penned down this book as a tribute to his teacher. Natalia is one of the most amazing leaders. She is compassionate, social, empathetic, calming, a hard worker, a true leader, a teacher to all, and an exceptionally well-spoken individual. Together, Binay and Natalia are making a new wave in our beautiful world. This book explains who she is, her life, her work, her efforts and her remarkable successes. This book will be for all who are giving up and not getting to winning edge. Let’s learn from role model for women “Natalia Serebriannikova – Smart Energetic Woman Leader”.

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