Make Empathy integral part of your Life


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There are many reasons to become more empathetic and make it a daily practice in your personal and professional lives. Empathy allows us to build stronger social connections with people. This allows us to respond in the correct way in social situations, as well as gain more insight into those around us by understanding better what they are thinking and feeling.

This promotes helping behaviors. When you understand what people are going through, it promotes your desire to want to help them solve their current problems or just feel better about a situation. This is an essential part of relationship building, whether you’re talking about family members, two people beginning a romantic relationship, coworkers in an office place, or people with like-minded interests who spend time together. Empathy also helps us regulate our own emotions and get better at not letting them control us.

Benefits of having a sharp, highly developed sense of empathy in the business world include:

  1. Meetings Made Simple
  2. Better Negotiations
  3. Better Collaborative Design
  4. Better teamwork
  5. Working for the Good
  6. Persuade investors
  7. Acing a job interview
  8. Better sales
  9. Better customer service
  10. Teaching

In my book ‘Empathy Is Far More More Valuable Than Diamonds’, I have delved deep into the layers of behavior to find a structure which all of us can benefit from by inculcating within us Empathy as our guiding light.

Know more about Empathy and how to be more Empathetic in Dr Binay Singh’s book ‘Empathy Is Far More More Valuable Than Diamonds’
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