CORONAVIRUS – Opportunity Through Adversity



COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, threatens to become the worst pandemic our world has seen in a century. As prognosticators, talking heads, politicians, and alarmists around the globe threaten to start a panic of infinite proportions, Dr Binay Singh offers a different perspective, one of inner peace, the power of prayer, and the promise of a bright future ahead of all of us. Join him on this journey that doesn’t just tell you how to survive COVID-19 and the mandates being handed down by governments around the world, but how to see the good in everything and fill your days with peace and prosperity.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Sheltering in Place
  • Chapter 2: Reconnecting at Home
  • Chapter 3: Disconnecting from Despair
  • Chapter 4: Stay Strong by Staying Healthy
  • Chapter 5: The Unexpected Positives of Coronavirus
  • Chapter 6: A Vision of the Future
  • Chapter 7: A Special Message for Our Brave Seafarers
  • Conclusion

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