Major Barriers to Effective Communication


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To live properly, we need to communicate with people every day. The main way through which humans communicate with each other is true conversation. Other than that, we can also Express our intent through body language, email, social media, telephone, etc. Communication is the cornerstone that helps us to repair our marriages, plan vacations, maintain friendships and other relationships, purchase a car, Express opinions, and so on. As communication is one of the primary ways to express ourselves, we need to be experts in this regard.

The problem is, most of us lack interpersonal communication skills. That is why in most of the Communications the message does not get received in the same way the sender intended it to be. That is why it is of utmost importance for the communicator to get feedback to make sure that the message he or she has sent is clearly conveyed. Having said that, if you want to communicate better and more clearly, you need to know about the common barriers that can hinder the effective flow of communication. Check the following section of this article to know about the common barriers that can hinder effective communication.

Uses of jargon

Using jargon in day-to-day communication can over complicate things significantly. It is always better not to use familiar or over-complicated technical terms while communicating something to others. That is why jargon is considered to be one of the most common barriers that can hinder effective communication.

Lack of interest or attention

If you are unhappy or don’t have any interest in the subject that you are communicating with the others you cannot communicate effectively. This is true for both the giving and receiving end of the communication. Having a lot of distractions in the place where you are trying to communicate with other people can also create problems for effective communication. This is probably the hardest barrier for anyone to overcome. Try to change your mindset first to overcome this barrier easily and effectively.

Difference of perception

It is difficult for two people to communicate effectively if they do not perceive the subject in the same way. As people see things differently the difference in their viewpoints can create obstacles in the flow of communication. It can make it impossible for the listener to decipher the message.

Emotional barriers

Sensitive topics can make it impossible for the speaker as well as the listener to engage actively in the conversation. Emotional barriers also hinder people from exchanging their ideas comfortably with others. If you are emotional about the subject, it may become impossible for you to express your perception of the subject.

Physical barrier

Physical presence impacts the effectiveness of the communication significantly. Face-to-face communication involves a lot of physical cues along with words. Body language, facial expression gestures, etc. Are all considered as the components of effective communication? If you cannot see the person while communicating with them, some of your messages may get lost.

All of the above factors are considered barriers to effective communication. If you want to communicate effectively and effortlessly with other people, you need to work on all these obstacles to make sure that they do not create any problems in your way of communication.

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