It’s my way: Dr. Singh’s Insights


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My way of dealing with people and this world is different from everyone else. My way is the way of sincerity, the way of integrity, and full dedication. I feel so proud to count myself among the humble servants of this world and humanity. These feelings linger inside my heart and reside in my soul. Therefore, I call it my way, my style.

This trait is in my personality that whenever someone approach me for help, I embrace them with open arms. I like to help people in every way possible. I like it when people consider me a source of help. According to my perceptive, they respect me and appraise me and that is why I love to accept their request. That is my way!

I never say “NO” to anyone and I never get annoyed. I received the gift of patience from this world and that is why I accept it when someone makes mistakes. I don’t keep “disappointment” in my heart and I never keep “hatred” for anyone as well. I also never use harsh words for anyone ever. I have learned the art of being polite and generous and that is how we can make this world a better place. That is why I always support everyone under all circumstances. Whether it is personal or business life, I am always keen to help people and see them succeed. I am even ready to stay behind people and watch them go ahead. I am glad that God has given me this quality through which I can inspire and motivate anyone in this world. It is a divine quality that I possess and I would love to utilize it for the welfare of this world. I never differentiate anyone based on nationality, religion, caste, and creed. I consider myself a creature of God just like millions of others in this world and that is why I consider it my duty to help everyone.

I am so happy for the year 2020 that it gave me a chance to write books, blogs, and inspiring content for this world. I am grateful that my writings are a source of inspiration for billions of people in this world. Today, so many people know me in this world and that is the greatest of the achievements for me in this world. However, I still don’t feel achieved unless all these people become successful too.

My ultimate goal is to eradicate poverty from this world. Once I succeed in the mission of eliminating 100% poverty and spreading richness, employment, and happiness, only then I can consider myself successful. For me, there is no great achievement than humanity. For me, nothing is precious than the happiness of my fellow human beings. It’s in my blood and heart to aid humanity and work for its well-being.

Thus, always associate yourself with positivity. Listen to positive music, read-only positive books and spread only positive energy. We all have only one God and we are his creatures. So, let’s make this world beautiful by spreading Empathy and Positivity!

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