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There are so many people in this world and each one has a different perspective towards life. Everyone sees the world differently and have different opinions and behaviors. Even the siblings who grow together under one roof have differences in their thoughts, visions, dreams, and wishes. I have been studying different people for a long time to find a common ground between them. Every time, I find a different personality enclosed in each person. However, I noticed that all of these people fall into three different categories.

I categorize the people in three different types. Firstly, there is a large percentage of people who are running after money. They do everything in life just for the sole purpose of earning money. Such people have no limits, no restrictions, and no rules. They can even cross the boundaries to earn money. I call such money, such efforts and such people, “illegal”. Money is indeed important and it is a crucial commodity but the fundamental principles of morality must never be neglected in any way. That is why I don’t like people falling under this category.

The second type of people is those who are engaged in earning the name. Earning name or fame isn’t a bad thing but the way it is earned makes all the difference. Going to every extent and leaving behind ethics and moralities is not acceptable in any way. It is not only a struggle that is important but it is doing the “struggle in the right way” which is

The third and last category of people is the ones I highly adore. They are the people who work solely for humanity. They don’t run after money or fame or indulge themselves in making a name but they are the ones who put their trust in the wings of time and have patience. And such people are the only ones who succeed in earning long-term prosperity. Moreover such category of people sleep well as they are fully contented with beautiful life other than above two categories of people.

The only thing I am concerned about is that in which category does our youth fall today? If it is the first two categories then I’m afraid that what will become of the future of this world! All I want is to see my youngsters in the category of humanity, integrity, and persistence as that is all the world needs from us right now!

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