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Everyone knows that positivity can do wonders. Every day we are looking to feel and become positive so we can change the way we live. In fact, positivity is defined as seeing and harnessing the good in the world around us. At its core, a positive person is someone who chooses to see well and create good of every chance they get.

But why you should be positive? Why should we make happiness our priority? Being positive can change our entire life – and even our physical health.

Why is it important to be positive?

  1. Reduced Stress – Do you know that when you actively start to think positively, you are reducing the stress shouldered by your body? When you choose to see the glass half full, your body is no longer subject to the adverse health effects of stress, or the abundance of cortisol (the fight or flight hormone) that can lead to weight gain and poor sleep. This can improve your health in the following ways:
  • Increased life span
  • Lower rates of depression
  • Better coping skills
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Greater resistance to illnesses
  • Better mental health and psychological stability
  1. Better Overall Outlook – When you are positive, you develop a better overall outlook towards life. Everything seems good and fun. Everything has something positive hidden inside it, which means every day you wake up, it’s going to be a good day. It’s impossible to be positive and negative at the same time, which means no matter what comes your way, you’ll be able to manage the adverse side effects more effectively. It will make you more peaceful, happier, and calmer than ever before.
  2. Healthy Relationships – Seeing the positive side of things applies to people too. We can choose to see the faults in a person or we can choose to see their positive attributes. Part of being married is being able to adopt the positive traits of your mate without allowing the negative traits to swallow up the relationship. This holds true for friendships, business partnerships, and so forth.
  3. Better Coping Skills – We can’t control what happens to us every day. We can’t prevent bad things from happening to ourselves as well as to the people we love. But, being a positive person means you can control how you react to these situations. You can choose to handle them with calmness and grace, or with anger and betrayal. A bad attitude will never help any situation, especially those that are particularly stressful. Maintaining this harmonious energy will make you a spiritual sponge – you can absorb the good and the bad while still providing help to those around you.
  4. More Abundant Energy – When your health is better, you get a sound sleep, you feel better, and you feel happier. You live with abundant energy. This extra energy will help you achieve all of your goals and dreams. Imagine being able to commit yourself for 12+ hours per day when, before, you only had about 5 hours of energy to give?  We can feel tired, moody, and less interested in something we used to love before. Energize yourself by changing the way you think and choosing to be positive.
  5. More Opportunities – First impressions are made in just 7 seconds, which is why how you deal with people, both in a personal and professional way, matters. Therefore, when you show up somewhere with positivity that is radiating out of your soul, you will be presented with more opportunities. More people will want to be around you, more people will want to present you with options, and more people will want to help you succeed. We all know that making a good first impression can have a big impact on the development of our future relationships, which is why positivity will direct you to the right path.
  6. Courageous Mindset – Fear entraps our thoughts and convinces us that we can’t do or try new things. Being a positive thinker eliminates these thoughts and allows us to become a truly courageous person. When you feel like you are invincible and you have faith in your positive mindset, you will no longer be a prisoner of your fears or the fears of people around you. You will realize that you are a strong, resilient warrior who can’t be stopped by the menial negative thoughts that once slowed down your life.
  7. Healthy Self-Esteem – So many of us reach adulthood with a serious lack of self-esteem. Whether we had a challenging childhood where we were always told that we weren’t good enough, or we are still struggling to find our balance and purpose in the world, self-esteem can be a seriously lacking resource in the world. To be positive is to know and believe that you are a valuable person, and you have something to offer someone else. By helping others, it will help you find yourself and your own purpose so that you can finally develop self-confidence that totally changes your life. You will begin to trust yourself and your decisions.
  8. Happiness and Fulfillment – At the end of our lives, we all want happiness and total fulfillment. We don’t want to leave this planet thinking there was more we could have done, seen, or accomplished. We want to feel like we did everything we could and that we appreciated every day we were provided while we lived on this planet. That kind of fulfillment is only possible if you choose to be as positive as possible.

Life is short; mark my words, which is why you must start waking up with an appreciation for the oxygen in your lungs today. These are only a few of the reasons why you should commit to being more positive today. Our bodies were not meant to bear the burden of the stress, negativity, and unhappiness that they endure today, causing adverse health effects that can trickle down to every part of our lives. When you choose to be positive, so much will change in your life that you will be amazed.

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