GMC Guide – From Ship to Shore



Transitioning from sea to shore himself, Dr Binay Singh has made it one of his primary goals to help other seafarers do the same. He has positioned himself as the maritime mentor, encouraging and empowering maritime professionals to see the possibilities of the sector in which they have built their careers and to break through any limiting beliefs keeping them in a role that is no longer fulfilling all their needs. For anyone looking to transition from ship to shore, this is the must-read guide.


  • Chapter 1: The First Considerations
  • Chapter 2: The Unseen Possibilities
  • Chapter 3: The Unseen Difficulties
  • Chapter 4: Complexities of the Transition
  • Chapter 5: Successful Transitions to Inspire
  • Chapter 6: Making Yourself more Valuable
  • Chapter 7: Riding the wave to the Future
  • Chapter 8: Doing Our Part

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