Getting the Business to Your Company – On Maritime Manning


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Once you have set your company (Read my earlier posts on ‘The Art of Maritime Manning‘ and on ‘Developing a Company Culture‘), you are ready to get business now. When you go for any new sales pitch, try and talk openly with potential ship owner or manager and I am sure they will open up to you which will lead to great chances of knowing their problems and challenges. It becomes much easier to offer solutions once you know their challenges, which again lead to cracking the deal easily. Here are a few basic guidelines to be ready to get business.

  1. Positive affirmations – As it is said, change your mind to change your world. We can change mindset of others by changing our mindsets and actions. Say positive affirmations mentioned below:
    • I am cool, calm and collected
    • I am very positive
    • I am a winner
    • I am very well prepared
    • I am best in manning
    • I already have got this deal
  1. Do the homework – Prepare yourself prior to going for any meeting. Prepare yourself internally; capture all of the information that could help you know your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to make a course correction where and when necessary. Stick to your decisions. Also remember, constant course correction makes the road ten times long./p>
  2. Dress for Success – With some experimentation find a style of clothing that looks professional and is also comfortable for you. It is important to take pride in your appearance because it makes a noticeable difference. So make sure the clothes you wear for the meeting are consistent with your new self-image.

In my book ‘The Art of Maritime Manning – My Insights’, I have shared structures and anecdotes that aspiring young people can benefit from by inculcating within them the habits and the tools which I believe to have helped me.

Know more about the art of maritime manning and how to be more positive, productive and efficient in Dr Binay Singh’s book ‘The Art of Maritime Manning – My Insights’
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